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Sophie Bille Brahe jewellery is crafted from superior quality metals and precious stones. Great care and attention to detail goes into selecting the materials, designing and crafting each piece. We are comitted to source responsible materials that are less harmful to our planet and communities and to mitigate its impact. 

We work closely with our production partners to produce responsibly and promotes ethical, social, human rights and environmental practices in our supply chain.


All our products are made of 100% certified recycled gold which is obtained by repurposing and refining previously mined gold. The certified gold comes with a COC certification (Chain of custody) of the highest quality, the purity, colour and look of the gold remains the same as new mined gold.


Sophie Bille Brahe diamond pieces are crafted in 18K certified recycled gold and feature predominantly Top Wesselton VVS Diamonds (F-G color). All our diamonds are conflict-free diamonds. We are comitted to improve the transparency on origin of all our diamonds.

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The pearl jewellery styles in the collection are crafted in 14K certified recycled gold and feature akoya, round or baroque freshwater pearls.

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If you would like to request a piece to be crafted in white gold please contact us to learn more

Sophie Bille Brahe