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Whistleblower Process 

Sophie Bille Brahe is committed to conduct business with integrity and to ensure that we live up to our standards and address any breaches that may happen through our organization.

We want to promote an open organizational culture, where it is safe to report serious offences or suspicion of serious irregularities. We strive to identify all potential issues that needs to be addressed and all reports of possible misconduct are taken seriously, and the matter investigated confidentially.

If you believe that laws, codes, or policies are being violated employees and partners are expected to raise your concerns with their immediate reference at Sophie Bille Brahe.

We encourage everyone who have serious concerns of irregularities they wish to report, to make use of our Whistleblowing system. All reports sent through the whistleblower mechanism are received and processed by the whistleblower unit in a way that ensures confidentiality. All identified breaches will be investigated, and due action taken when required. 

When a report has been submitted a receipt will be sent to the whistleblower as quickly as possible and no later than within 10 working days. All learnings of reported incident and the handling result will be a part of our yearly ESG reporting going forward. To know more about the whistleblower process and guidelines, please read our Whistleblower Policy.

If you want to submit a report, please use the form below. In case of questions, please contact SBB Internal audit at

Sophie Bille Brahe