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Sophie Bille Brahe presents the fourth edition of her magazine; Daydreamer, Winter 2023.

Sophie dedicated this issue to the “ballon” - what happens when a dancer appears to be hovering in the air while performing a jump. How does the “ballon” apply to one’s life, how is it intertwined with inspiration are questions Sophie and the people she admires try to answer throughout the pages. For the first time, Sophie also gathered model Iselin Steiro and photographer Max Farago for a stroll in Paris. The magazine also features an archive of photographs taken of the Ballet de Wiener Staatsoper in Austria by Marc Hom and an afternoon of food and tennis, among others.

“ Ballet is the perfect example of craft. The reason the “ballon” makes the audience feel something is because a ballet dancer has spent their whole life working to making this look so effortless, so easy that it feels like magic.” - Sophie Bille Brahe.

Enjoy extracts of Daydreamer, Winter 2023 below.

Sophie Bille Brahe